It’s Walk Your Dog Week! Even if you have a yard for your canine buddy to run and play in, he’ll still benefit from daily strolls. Any time that you are out and about with Fido, you’ll need to keep both your and your pet’s safety at the forefront of your thoughts. It only takes a split second for accidents and injuries to occur. A local Chico, CA vet discusses some safety tips for walking your pooch in this article.


Having good gear is very important. Make sure Fido has a good collar or harness. Many dogs are more comfortable in harnesses, but your four-legged pal will still need a collar to hang his ID tags from. A good leash is also a must. You can get retractable leashes, which are great for giving your pooch a bit more freedom. However, these can be dangerous in certain situations, such as near busy road sides or if you were to encounter another dog.

Night Walks

Walking at night can be quite dangerous. Use reflective gear for both yourself and Fido. It’s also best to stick to well-lit paths.


If you walk Fido along the side of a road, walk facing oncoming traffic. Your canine pal should be on the outside, as he’s shorter and harder for drivers to spot.


Pay close attention to the terrain. Steer your furry best friend around potential hazards, like broken glass. If you’re in a wild area, don’t let Fido sniff around in areas that could be housing rattlesnakes or other wild critters.


Many people like to wear earbuds when walking their dogs. That makes sense: it is a great time to catch up on your favorite podcast or check out some new music. Just don’t turn your earbuds up too high. You need to be able to hear things like horns, squealing brakes, or that telltale rattle warning of a snake nearly.


Fido really enjoys sniffing around brush and grass. Do some research, and find out what is and isn’t safe for him. You don’t want to let your canine friend get into anything dangerous. Foxtails are one concern here. These have dangerous barbed seeds that can work their way into your dog’s body. Yikes!

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