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Loretta PriceLoretta Price

All of our pets have gone to Chico Creek Animal Clinic. Dr. Matthew Bettencourt, Wendy, Shelly and Kelly have given excellent service!

Beth Henley-GeiseBeth Henley-Geise

We love how the staff cares for our animals! Friendly, professional, knowledgeable.

Melissa KellyMelissa Kelly

the staff is great and so good with my pup, Meatball!

Jennie HydeJennie Hyde

We found the right place for our dog Maddie .The nicest Vet and staff in town .By the way Dr.Bettencourt Maddie didn’t need her meds for travel.She was great even in the hotel.Has loved the dog park at Del Mar beach .Thank you so much .

Andy HawesAndy Hawes

Thank you to Dr. Bettencourt and his friendly staff in diagnosing and treating our dog, Gracie. She is back to her old self again and we really appreciate all you did for her!!

Scott Z.Scott Z.

Outstanding veterinary service. Hands down the best vet in Chico. I met Dr. Bettencourt at this practice in 2014 after my puppy was misdiagnosed with a...

Mandi RaeMandi Rae

Dr Bettencourt and his staff are wonderful. We have taken our 3 dogs in for routine care many times, emergency wound treatment twice, and a neuter procedure. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. Dr Bettencourt answered my questions, took great care of my fur babies, and called me in the evening after surgeries to check up on their status and provide treatment information. So glad we found a great veterinarian!

Shelly DenhamShelly Denham

When NOOOO one would save my melly belly chico creek did thank you again

Jordyn BettencourtJordyn Bettencourt

Dr. Bettencourt is amazing he gives his full effort and he really cares about his patients and the owners. He does some amazing work.

April SeniorApril Senior

Dr Bettencourt and his staff are the best vets I have ever been to. They are thorough and compassionate and knowledgeable. Their facility is clean and easy to access. They take the time to keep in contact with pet owners about treatments and options. I have nothing negative to say about these wonderful pet caregivers.

Diane Gustafson ForresterDiane Gustafson Forrester

Absolutely, a great, caring, place to bring your beloved pet!

Suzette Malotte WardSuzette Malotte Ward

What can i say?
This vet gave us hope and clarity to our pomchi's recovery from a pit bull attack! He was very lucky to survive and luckier to be given the excellent care he received here.

Nicole SchallesNicole Schalles

Dr. Bettencourt and his staff are amazing. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kacee A. Hamre PerezKacee A. Hamre Perez

Friendly staff. Clean. Informative. My cat feels comfortable here.

Jason O.Jason O.

Best in Town!

This was only my second trip to CCAH, today we saw a new vet (sorry I forgot her name) and she was great! Good hire Dr. B! She and the entire...

Eric HulenEric Hulen

Came in to get a checkup since my little pug had been around a parvo dog and I was very worried. Dr. Matthew Bettencourt answered all my questions and gave me great tools to help both prevent and care for a possible sick puppy.

Later that week he personally called me up to check in on my pug. This is just one of many examples of why this Vet is the best.

Shannon SinkovichShannon Sinkovich

just got home from my first visit. my pup is only 6 months old and was extremely excited about the new place and had a freak out when other dogs started coming in (sorry about that, we're still working on how to behave around other dogs). the staff here was understanding and quickly got him into a room so he could calm down. My visit was pleasant and I felt like they took the time to talk to me about any questions I had and were great at handling my extremely hyper dog. Will definitely make this my go to vet in Chico!

Eileen HumistonEileen Humiston

My cat is my first pet, and this is the only place I’ve taken him to, so I don’t have anything else to go on. However, this place is amazing. We have been for a couple of routine checkups, and also to have an issue checked out. The entire staff is so friendly and great with my cat. It’s never been super busy when we’re there, which I like because it means no room full of dogs freaking my cat out. They are thorough and take their time making sure everything is good. Dr. Bettencourt is always super nice and down to earth. One of my favorite things about this place is how non-pushy they are. They suggest certain vaccines, checks, etc. and then print out a price sheet for you. Then they give you time to decide while they’re in the other room. They will let you know which ones are most important if you’re tight on money. They even include my 8 y/o in the conversations which I appreciate. I’m extra impressed, because Dr. Bettencourt himself called this morning to see how my cat’s ear infection is doing. Definitely will never be going anywhere else!!

Vyvette MossmanVyvette Mossman

Thankful for a Vet who cares about the animals, plus he doesn't charge you an arm & a leg to take care of them!

Crystal OneyCrystal Oney

I will not take my animals anywhere else. I will recommend Chico Creek Animal Hospital to anyone needing a vet.

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