Curbside Service Now Available

Curbside Service Now Available

Veterinary hospitals fall under the category of essential services. As such, Chico Creek Animal Hospital will remain in operation throughout the coronavirus pandemic as long as we have healthy employees to staff the hospital. Please know we are undertaking these changes in procedure in an effort to limit traffic in our hospital and keep both our staff and clients safe.

However, we are following the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) guidelines to postpone non-essential services and conserve on medical supplies. If you have a healthy pet, you may be asked to postpone his or her annual exam.  Elective surgeries and routine appointments may also have to be postponed.

Importantly, we will continue all puppy and kitten vaccinations, because leaving these vulnerable pets unvaccinated may encourage outbreaks of parvovirus. Please continue to observe the necessary vaccination schedules.

Chico Creek Animal Hospital is now offering “drive-up” concierge service – utilizing your vehicles as our waiting room.  This solution will allow us to maintain social distancing in order to protect our clients and staff from exposure to COVID-19. When you arrive for your appointment or to pick up medications and foods, we ask that you call us from your vehicle to notify us of your arrival.

For appointments:

Call from the parking lot in your car. Our veterinary technician will come to your car to obtain your pet’s history and bring him or her inside the practice to be examined by the doctor.

After the examination, one of our veterinarians will call your cell phone to relay the examination findings and to provide a treatment plan. Once you have authorized the treatment plan, we will administer treatments and bring your pet back to the car. We will then obtain payment for the services. You will be able to give your credit card information over the phone for payment.

For medication refills and food: 

Call from the parking lot and a member of our staff will get you checked out via phone and bring the supplies to your car.

Thank you for your cooperation as we try to comply with federal and state mandates, protect all of our clients and staff from infection from COVID-19, and still take care of our beloved pets. We invite you to contact us at 530-343-3516 if you have any questions or concerns.

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